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Lighting must by nature be functional, and in the dark hours of the day it is imperative that we can choose extra lighting. At WUM, we have a desire to offer lighting that can do much more.

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Lighting that affects surroundings in a positive way, gives colour and life, hopefully create excitement and makes people wonder.
The result is a series of cutting-edge metal and wood lamps. In terms of design, experiments have been made with both design, materials and not least the possibilities and limitations of physics in relation to asymmetry and light direction.
Lamps from WUM are Danish Design produced in Denmark. Production takes place in collaboration with selected local crafting companies. Special attention is on sustainability. The aim is to ensure that environmental aspects are taken into consideration as much as possible in the material selection and manufacturing process.

WUM # 01-04
Unique metal pendant that illuminates in a 45 degree angle. The shade comes in copper, brass or powder coated steel. The shade is fitted with a bar made of oak that secures the suspension and gives the lamp its special characteristics. A different solution for special areas and living rooms, where the lamp acts as both a light source and an artistic installation, especially with several in a cluster.

WUM # 01-06
Table lamp in powder coated steel. A further development of the design universe from the pendant WUM # 01-04. The dimensions are a bit smaller, and the oak bar omitted, which provides an interesting opening for the light to shine. Intended as an indirect light source in a stylish design. Creates a special atmosphere in the living rooms where it is situated.

WUM # 01-07
Pendant in powder coated steel. A further development of the design universe from the pendant WUM # 01-04. The idea was to use the same shape in a more conventional design. The result is an asymmetrical lamp with a very tight and stylish expression. The traditional vertical light drop makes the lamp particularly suitable for tables and desks, in canteens, restaurants and receptions or privately.

WUM # 01-08
Smaller pendant in powder coated steel. Same shade as the table lamp WUM # 01-06 but produced as a pendant with a fabric cable for ceiling outlet. The model is without an oak bar, which gives a striking and characteristic asymmetrical light emission. A versatile model that can be used individually or in groups.

About WUM

Marius Øvrum and Peter Wallbohm Olsen are the two entrepreneurs behind WUM. Friends for almost two decades and suddenly they decided to create WUM in 2017. None of them had any experience in the field of entrepreneurship, but they shared the same passion for interior design and architecture. So far, focus has been on creating innovative and cutting-edge lighting products, but the ambition goes further.

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