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Clap Design

Who we are?
The founders and authors of the Clap Design brand are Lukáš Pejchal and Václav Čajánek, who met in Prague and started their business with full steam.
We are lovers of good design, which we perceive as a combination of great appearance and function

Most of our products are designed by ourselves or in cooperation with renowned Czech designers such as prof. Jiří Pelcl. We have been on the market since 2017, we have been growing quite quickly and we are trying to expand beyond the Czech basin, in addition to shops, you can find us in the Gallery of Central Bohemia or the Museum of Modern Art in Paris. In addition to beer and ice hockey, the Czech Republic can be flashing abroad for example with great design. We believe that with honest work and great ideas we can build a reputable company with a resounding name and beyond the borders of the Czech Republic.

Aktuelle Kollektion

Cube Egg Holder
This little cool piece in the form of a sexy egg stand will make your breakfast extraordinary. Straight lines, playful magnet and stylish spoon makes you smile in the morning. And buying two pieces is definitely great idea!

Wall Rack Large
Magnetic knife rack is one of our newest product. Very simple design won't disturb any interior and fits almost everywhere. Strong ensures that the knives will hold safely.

Oval Espresso Set  
We hope for good espresso and imaginative design. When we considered how such a service should look, we encountered hand-blown double wall glass and it was decided. Glasses are pleasantly light and look great. The service is made of durable oak wood treated with a mixture of oils and waxes. 

Circle Cappuccino Conic
This classical conic shape of double wall glass cup sitting on the oak saucer with in-build magnets will make you happy whenever you use it. We promise you.

Rectangle Porcelain White
Breakfast to bed? Who would not like ... Whether you like coffee or hot tea. This stylish tray can also fit your favourite cake. The mug sits exactly where it is. Just like a magnetic spoon that's always on stand by mode.

Clap Design im blickfang Designshop

About Clap Design

We design and manufacture quality accessories for the kitchen and dining. We intend to continue on this path and present several new features every year.
We pride ourselves on perfect craftsmanship down to the smallest detail and honest handwork. Everything is made in our workshop in Hukvaldy in the foothills of the Beskydy Mountains, which has been continuing the carpentry tradition of the Čajánek family for the fourth generation.
We also place great emphasis on the sustainability and environmental friendliness of our business. Our favorite material is oak wood, which we use exclusively from Czech sources. Why transport wood across half the world when we have the best under our nose? The porcelain is provided by the Tablo brand, which produces in the Czech Republic, the double-walled glass comes from the Austrian brand Bloomix.