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Anna Heino - Design Jewellery

Anna Heino - Design Jewellery is a Munich-based design jewellery manufacturer, originally from Finland. Anna designs and makes innovative products in a simple Scandinavian style. Several jewellery collections are provided to satisfy different urban trends. Anna's most definable collections are Bubbles, Bubblelove and Roughbubble. This jewellery is based around a design of interconnecting precious metal pieces, which can be joined together to form longer or shorter chains.

Aktuelle Kollektion

Each collection includes rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and earrings. These playful designs are hand-finished with a passionate attention to detail.

Bubbles pendant with stone
The Bubbles pendant comprises two interconnected pieces, the top one connecting to a bead chain, and the lower one featuring a rose quartz, onyx, rock crystal, smoke quartz or amazonite stone. The pieces are hand-finished sterling silver.
Chain length: 42cm or 45cm
Pendant size: c. 20mm x 70mm
Material: 925 sterling silver / gemstone
Price: 159€

Bubbles bracelet
The Bubbles bracelet comprises 8 or 9 identical interconnected hand-finished sterling silver pieces. The pieces are hand-finished sterling silver.
Length: 19cm (8 pcs.) or 21,5cm (9 pcs.)
Link size: c. 20mm x 30mm each
Material: 925 sterling silver
Price: 360€ / 405€

Bubblelove earrings with pearls
The Bubblelove earrings with fresh water pearls (white, grey, salmon, violet) are hand-finished sterling silver with a matt surface finish.
Size: c. 20mm x 35mm
Material: 925 sterling silver / fresh water pearl
Price: 156€

Bubblelove bracelet S
The Bubblelove bracelet S is hand-finished sterling silver. The bracelet can be ordered in three different lengths: 17.5cm, 18cm, 18.5cm. Bracelet length of about 1cm more than the wrist circumference should be chosen.
Length: 17.5cm, 18cm or 18.5cm
Material: 925 sterling silver
Price: 95€

Roughbubble ring
The Roughbubble ring features interconnecting ends, and is handmade of sterling silver with a dark oxidised surface treatment. It is available in eight different European sizes between 16 and 19.5.
Width: 20mm
Material: 925 sterling silver
Ring size: 16, 16.5, 17, 17.5, 18, 18.5, 19, 19.5
Price: 165€


My most notable characteristics as a goldsmith are detail in design and innovative concepts. I define my style as insightfully simplistic. I have designed and made jewellery products in the simple style of my native Finland since 2003, being currently based in Munich. To invent new forms, I keep my eyes constantly open to my surroundings, and love to wonder in the urban nature. I was born in Finland, near the capital city of Helsinki, where I lived until moving to Germany five years ago.

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